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SEO Second Opinion / Evaluation $200

Have you purchased a high cost SEO plan but not getting any results in the search engines? Get an SEO second opinion before you pay out any more money!

Click The Badge to Order an SEO Second Opinion - $200 today could save thousands tomorrow!
Lack of knowledge on the part of your web man, in the more technical aspects, can hurt your performance in searches - and cost you money!

Use of bad server settings and careless use of sub domains can get duplicate content penalties. These areas are too often poorly understood - even by professionals - and bad configurations will knock you back in rankings.

Use of outdated or outlawed SEO techniques ( Black Hat instead of legitimate organic optimization) by an unqualified or unscrupulous practitioner can get YOU delisted.....for HIS skulduggery.

There's no licensing or accountability for SEO's - you will be held accountable for any wrongdoing, done in your behalf, by an unqualified and/or unethical SEO or web designer!

<<Click here for a guide to spotting unqualified SEO wannabees>>

SEO Second Opinion The aftermarket SEO industry exists mainly because most older sites were built wrong in the first place! There are lots of wannabees in the SEO game now - many have no clue! Get an SEO second opinion now and find out! If "your man" is conning you - off with his head!

Most poorly performing web sites are suffering (mainly) from:

With the incredible growth of the web, it is now not only that code be incorrupt but that there be efforts to limit the code used to produce a particular result.

I have seen sites with a 90% code to content ratio. That means for every single character of site content - there are 9 characters of code to support it! Keyword here - Rube Goldberg.

SEO Second Opinion

If you have your problems corrected by us, the evaluation is work that would have to be done anyway to get a project started.

If you are just using this to get a second opinion - it is a bargain. It could save you thousands. The SEO industry has a large percentage of posers....Find out now if your guy knows his stuff - before he takes you for a bundle!

Occasionally there are cases where a normal investigation is not enough and further time is needed to uncover more unusual problems. These are not the norm and you will be apprized of the situation. In cases like these, it is well worth the extra time, as some serious issues can get you delisted.

NOTE: The Purpose Of The Evaluation is to let you know where you stand -  not to fix all your problems, should they exist.

Click The Badge to Order an SEO Second Opinion - $200 today could save thousands tomorrow!

You will receive a printable PDF report and an accompanying documentation containing strengths, shortcomings and recommendations for overall increase in search performance. All delivered by email.

All evaluations are personally done by Michael Walls, who has 25 years in the business, and was building for the web BEFORE Google existed!
There are other factors that can hurt your page rank and keep you from appearing in Search Engine Results Pages.

Search engines judge you with a number of criteria:
Outdated Presentation Code
Text styles (font, text color, size, etc) should be contained in an off-page style sheet, in a language called CSS. The search bots pay no attention to CSS code so reading the page is done in far less time. The bots go immediately to the content.
No Attention Drawn to Keywords or Key Phrases
"Text Tagging" is the art of using markup code to point the bots at your most important statements on-page.
Un-optimized Graphics
There are only two ways images impact your search efficiency - too large a file size and no alt tags. Other than that, images of any kind don't mean squat to a search bot. If they are too large, they increase download time, ergo load on the search engine servers. They don't like that. Paring down file size is a quick and inexpensive process. See next heading for alt tags.
Graphics with no Alt Tags
Image alt tags produce the text that appears (in Internet Explorer) when you mouse over an image. Images without alt tags are penalized by search engines, like Google, on the "accessibility" issue. But consider this - alt tags can be utilized to contain valuable keywords.

These tags are used for accessability for the blind via screen reader software like Jaws. Target was targeted by a blind man in a law suit over no alt tags on product images in their online store!!

Click The Badge to Order an SEO Second Opinion - $200 today could save thousands tomorrow!
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