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Technical Web Design

Technical Web Design / SEO for Business

Technical Web Design differs from automated website software, like Wordpress etc., in that is handcrafted, not from a pre-designed template. In addition to design, it involves careful planning, and hand coding every page. This eliminates tons of unneeded code, making pages load much faster.

This process turns pages into machines that communicate with both Search Bots and the people that view the pages!

Technical web design is an amalgam of keyword research and planning, knowledge of server setup and DNS configs, information architecture (necessary for building logical navigation), front end "look", integrated SEO and lowest possible bandwidth page building.

There's much more to building a successful site than populating a page!

Low bandwidth design is crucial for mobile pages.
Web Text Content Text content is a LARGE part of hours involved!

Factors effecting cost are: is there existing content, or does content have to be created from scratch?

If the site is a rebuild, then the content is largely there, and just may need tweaking and editing. Starting totally from scratch can add a lot to the cost.

To be truly effective, SEO must be integrally woven into the site design components. A site goal NEEDS to be established, a design style set for esthetics, and then the business concept that drives the goal, is set in motion. There's more to a successful website than the "look". A great website is a lot like a race car - a sexy body, and a killer engine!

Technical Web Design + SEO = Great Results!
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