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Hi Michael -

I would like to thank you for doing an excellent and professional job in optimizing our web site: You are always ready with a quick response time and new ideas to solve our problems. There were no issues that your technical knowledge could not handle. We would recommend your company to anyone.

Sincerely, Steve W. Rietbergen (American Business Brokers)
Michael, I wanted to take a few minutes to explain just how much your tenacity has paid off. When I came to you I had managed to have 3-4 different companies doing the same thing and causing major confusion for Google and in return they knocked me from top 3 on page 1 all the way down to page 6.

One of the major issues was from a company I thought seemed to be legitimate from and it turned out that they were doing all the tactics that Google said was not allowed and warned them to stop doing. They did not listen and got my company barred from Google advertising.

When you came on board you had a tangled mess to undo and you managed to go far above and beyond what was asked of you to allow my company back in good graces with Google and we are climbing up the ranks quickly now.

I can not thank you enough for all your hard work and patience as I believe most people would have walked away from this challenge. I would recommend you to anyone looking to start or rebuild their website and marketing plan.

Matthew E. Vos
Vosco Moving and Storage

As a business broker, having a prime Internet presence is very paramount in the continued success of my business. That's why it was very important to me to make sure my company web site, of 5 years was compliant with search engines.

After one conversation with Michael, I immediately knew he could diagnose and fix my problems with the search engines and make my web site current. He did not disappoint. I am very happy with the results and recommend his services, if you want results.

Ron Ginsburg
Atlantic Business Realty

Whatever you did we know it is working as I had a handful of new large orders come in over the website.

Jonas Bienenfeld
VP of Operations / MacroLife Naturals, Inc (Los Angeles, CA)

As you predicted, he is on page one. Very impressive!!!!! Especially considering how many businesses brokers websites there are in Palm Beach!

Ariel (AT Group / St Petersburg, FL)
Michael Walls efficiently and expeditiously reworked my entire website and added a second. The newest site with a general Google search question comes up on the second page and it has only been in operation for a month.

On Yahoo with the right general question it is on the first page in first place! The primary website with ageneral Google question is displayed on the first search page. Michael achieved this without my paying for Google ads or words. He quickly responded to all of my changes and I am pleased that I employed him.

Sincerely, Brian T. Bateson, BCI
Bateson Business Brokerage, Inc.
Hi Mike, Thank you for restructuring our old web site that we used for the past ten years. This is like a breath of fresh air. We have to be considered as one of the most eye catching, and informative Business Brokerage Sites on the Web. Has everything I ever wanted. You made the transition easy as you built the site and kept me informed every day. I have printed out a copy of the home page in a 24"x18" size, had them mounted and hung prominently in the office. Gorgeous color and graphics.

Our associates, the buyers and the sellers keep the compliments coming, and only one month old. This is still a work in progress as we separate ourselves from our former Franchiser, and as we rise on the Goggle search. Out of town Buyers can read the local paper and search for info about our area on the site. Great Touch!! We will continue to work together to make this a place that delivers buyers and sellers in the most professionl way possible. The "Web" is our life. Thanks for your hard work and patience.

David Sinclair, Owner, Broker
Sinclair Business Brokers, Sarasota, Florida
Michael –

I want to thank you for helping me establish my business website on the internet. Now that it's up and running, I'm one very happy web designed customer!

Knowing how saturated the web is with my business genre was challenging, to say the least. When you explained the waiting time, a.k.a." stting in the sandbox for 4-6 months" before placing well in searches, the concern for being found grew. You kept telling me to "trust "you and let you do "your thing." You tweaked a few things and told me to be patient. Now it's been exactly 4 months ( the lower end of the waiting period!) and the site IS in the top listing! You were right on the money and now so is my business!! I'm showing up on the web with a top ranking page, generating new clients and business has improved immensely!

I also want to compliment you on your creative talents. The pages exude that soft, loving energy flow I wanted to express. Being a guy, I was wondering how you'd grasp the feminine "touch" I was looking for. You NAILED it, Baby! Many of my clients have commented on the "flow" you captured with that artistic touch of yours. The site is a real HIT that is actually getting hits!

Thanks again, Michael Walls -. You ARE the Webman! ♥
Respectfully, Christine Lynn - Florida Psychic
"We at Websmartgroup secured the services of Michael Walls for maximizing a Palm Springs, CA area condo development client's online presence after they'd had no results from their prior Internet marketing.He began with an insightful analysis of the shortcomings of their existing efforts, noting such factors as incorrect languaging that negated any possiblity of sales results from online traffic.

He then developed a fast-track strategy based on an undiscovered, but highly effective, sales-oriented keyphrase and well-researched, optimized relevant content as the core elements of a carefully designed "magnet" website. Upon launch, it appeared on the first page of Google for the primary keyphrase and continues to increasingly rank well for additional related keyphrases, along with a visibility boost for their original website.

He set up a PPC campaign to further strengthen online visibility and trained the office web person in managing it. The first condo sale resulted six weeks after the start date.

Many developers promise SEO success but very few can deliver. Michael delivered the outstanding results noted above, on time, on budget and on target."

John Brooks

Websmart Group, San Bernadino, CA
Subject: new website Google rankings

Just thought I would pass along what I have found when typing in key words on Google currently:

-tampa business broker; #1 and #2
-tampa bay business brokers; #1 and #2
-sell a business in tampa; #2 and #3
-buy a business in tampa; #1 and #2
-tampa businesses for sale; #2 and #3
-tampa business for sale; #2 and #3

This is EXACTLY what I had hoped for and frankly, a ways beyond what I had expected in such a short amount of time. It is pretty hard to beat this!! We have gotten a handful of leads this week generated directly from our website (as opposed to others we pay to advertise on) which is more than I ever recall getting over the last 5 or 6 months

Still a lot of work to do in the fact that I wish we had many more good listing for searchers to look at but at least a great first step. Thanks,

Joe Varner,

Sunbelt Business Brokers of Tampa Bay and Sarasota

I just wanted to thank you for the fast service. After sending you my scripting for radiator repair, I was on page one in only a few days! I also wanted to thank you for the extra graphics and the link you added. First class job. I recomend you to every one I know that needs web site service

WOW WOW WOW Cindy and I LOVE the page!!!!! You are so so awesome!!! Send me emails on what you need and you keep your creative juices going.

Have a GREAT day!!
Mo (Breezin Entertainment)
To whom it may concern,

I have been knocked out with Michael Walls and his internet expertise and prowess. He thoroughly explained and delivered a great site, which is currently on Googles' first page presence.

I would highly recommend Michael and to anyone who wants a real site that delivers.

Regards, Dan O'Brien
We had been working and paying monthly for SEO service and were virtually off the radar in ALL the search engines for years until we met Michael Walls with Internet Outsource Tmpabay/ Search-Engine-Upgrade.

Now our performance in the search engines has seen a dramatic increase in ranking and more importantly actual first page results. There is no quick fix to a #1 ranking but I have found Michael Walls to be the most determined to success. He had the ability to come up with new concepts to expand our online presence that have proven to work.

I constantly receive emails on status and Michael's work has been the best in my experience when it came to working hard to get the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in tasteful site design and effective Internet marketing solutions. I just want to say Thanks for a GREAT job and being so responsive. It is not everyday that you find someone that you can depend on to get a job done and we appreciate it!!

Mo Russo
Breezin Entertainment & Productions
Michael and I have worked together on several projects ranging from simple graphic-banner advertisements to designing complete proprietary web systems. Michael's understanding of the web and web technologies make him much more than just a graphic designer and web artist.

His holistic approach to site-building; which includes site-design, architecture, creating relevant page content, SEO, SEM, and much more; has proven effective for our companies and our sites time and again.

I've called on Michael day and night, on weekends and holidays and he's always been quick to respond and act in a professional and timely manner.

Jonathan Davito
IT Director / ABB Net
Michael is rare in the world of web developers. He's creative, insightful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Michael has designed or redesigned websites for several of our customers and all have been very satisfied with the results.

Our product's API is a bit demanding on the designer and Michael always delivers. Revising old bloated websites to newer streamlined and standards-compliant sites has been a win-win for everyone.

Douglas Perrault
Senior Programmer / IT Head, Johnson Services

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