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Google Local & Other Local Directories!

Google Local and Local Directories The enormous growth of the internet has created the absolute necessity for a drill-down - for any site to compete successfully.

If you don't "localize", you will be competing with everyone in the world that does what you do!

Setting up a Google login and a Google Local listing is a standard part of our "Web Presence" process. Building pages on a web site is just part of the package.

NOTE: There is also a broader setting in Google to scale down from a Global search to a national search, in whatever particular continent. For example, a manufacturing website might be scaled down from Global, to United States, then, via Google Local (Google My Business), down to (for example) Jacksonville, Florida - therein is the gist of the search engine's geo-locating "drill-down"!

Local Listings, even the minor ones, added all together, help create a total web presence that targets your specific clientele.

If you are a business broker, car dealer, real estate broker, or whatever - if your business is not national or international in scope, you need to geo-locate yourself.

For example, if your business serves the Poughkeepsie, NY area, you'll want to filter out search results for Rochester, Buffalo, and all other New York and worldwide localities. Google Local will geo-locate you for YOUR operating zone.

Google Local / Google My BusinessNew Service From Moz Analytics Saves Hours of Billable Time, by Automatically Setting up Local Search and Directory Listings

$129 per year with a one time $100 setup fee.

Local Online listings and directories added automatically, tracked, and progress reports sent automatically - reports even include Google, and other directory reviews!
  • Active location-data management
  • Review monitoring Complete duplication closure
  • Listing accuracy verification
  • Real-time listing distribution
  • Maximize your reach by sending accurate listings to the major aggregators, search engines, directories, and apps that matter most to your customers
  • Save time by making quick edits across the board when your business data changes
  • Prevent repeated work with the only automated solution that offers complete closure of harmful duplicate listings instead of temporary suppression

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