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Do you send or receive "Friend Spam"?

RE: Sending out "clever sh*t" to everyone in your email address book. Senders and receivers alike, please read this!

Friend Spam It is a common thing these days, someone has a big list of friends in his email address book AND he has earned the appellation – "finder of cool things online". So he finds a funny joke, a meaningful self help item, a patriotic call to arms or (heaven forbid) some propaganda for his chosen religion.

Just Tell Your Friends NO to Chain Email! – And Here's The Reason Why.

  1. Let's say there are 80 addresses in his address book
  2. Eighty people receive the great joke he just sent – and just half send it along to one friend
  3. He has just peppered 3200  email addresses across 40 other computers of unknown security status
  4.  Ten of his friends add their entire address book of 50 addresses each and send it on without deleting the addresses already in the email header. 10 x the 50 in his address book, PLUS 10x the eighty already there. Now we're up to 1300 email addresses here - plus the 3200 above.
  5. That's 4500 total email addresses on 50 different computers of unknown security - from one 'blast'.

That's just the beginning – it doesn't even take into account friends of friends passing it along further!!

Hackers harvest address books on unsecured computers!

"Some viruses & worms spread by emailing themselves to all the email addresses they can find in the email address book.

If it wasn't already done, it's just a matter of time before such malware will not only spam copies of itself, but also send the extracted list of email addresses to it's creator.."
I believe two things to be true

1. Most of the perpetrators of friend spam and chain email are unaware of the potential harm to their friends. Excluding cases of obnoxious self promotion, it is usually an innocent act, and not considered by them as spam.

2. Most recipients are totally oblivious of the huge breach of their privacy!

Bot Nets – Check this Wikipedia article while thinking of how many computers your personal or business email address is on right now!


As invisible email addresses can't be harvested, it's good advice to have the email addresses of recipients of jokes & the like on BCC.

If forwarded from somebody else remove from the email's body all the email addresses inserted by the previous sender.

Facebook Application Spam

RE: Swine Flu: Viruses on Facebook are spread by close personal contact between people - just like in the real world....Friend Spam!

If I were an evil genius, I would devise a way to get people to spread my spyware to all their friends, who would spread it to all their friends, who would spread it to all their friends, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

Then I would sell all the personal information the unwary have given me - to anyone, for a price. Perfect idea! No product, no shipping - all profit!

When you click "I agree to share my private information", you give them the legal right to stage a panty raid on your computer - it unleashes a malware Downloader that continues to download and install whatever malware they want, even if you leave the page. Get the picture?

Say No To Facebook Spam

Cover your mouth when you sneeze and don't send your friends a free dose of spyware!!

One last time - spam is spam is spam, whether it's friend spam or for Viagra, or from out of the blue, it's still spam. If your friends get ticked off at your attempts to secure your privacy - ask yourself; "how good a friend is he or she?"
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