SEO Copywriting - Recover From Panda Penalties

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SEO Copywriting - Recover From Panda Penalties
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SEO Copywriting - Recover From Panda Scraping Penalties and Plagiarism

Google Demands Original Content - Got Any?

SEO Copywriting - Recover From Google Penalties
Google's Panda Update Declared War on People Who Copy Content From Someone Else's Site And Paste It In Their Site!

Obtaining usable copy is now the single largest hurdle in site building - and the most important for SEO!

All content on this site was written by Michael Walls.
SEO Copywriting & Copyediting - turn what you have into "legal" copy

I have powerful tools that identify what content is plagiarized, where it came from and how many instances of it exist on the net!

I have rescued clients from major drops in rank, due to copied content. I can re-word your copy and keep the original message intact. The result is a rise in rank in all the search engines.

Google called you a copy cat? I'll get you out of the doghouse!

Original Content & Copy Editing From Rough Drafts - you rough it in, I clean it up!

Anyone in business should be able to talk about what he or she does!

All you have to do is be able to jot down facts and specifics about your business and will turn your rough idea into interesting and effective web content - we will do your SEO Copy Editing for you.

The main focus in SEO copy editing and writing is to purify the message. If your page, like this one, is about copy editing - you talk about copy editing - pure and simple. Anything else on the page should relate to the main topic, as in the case here with the Panda Update. The Panda Update punishes copied site content and is directly related, as I rescue clients from this cuddly beast.

Google's Pet Panda is chewing up copycats and spitting them out!

Copy Editing / Copyediting - Panda.
Google's "Panda Algorithm Update" is not cute and cuddly - he goes after copycats and content theives and rips them up!

What's an Algorithm & what got Into the Panda?

In this case it's simply the recepie for how Google, and more specifically Google after the Panda Update, analyzes your web pages. The Panda update targets web sites and blogs with stolen or duplicate content - and pushes them back in search results. Steal (scrape) content from other web sites and you will be invisible!

Stolen content is worse than no content!

<< A bit of original prose from long Michael Walls>>

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