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Submitting a web site to the search engines is just like presenting a case to a judge in a court of law.

You put together a case you feel is a winner (your web site). However, your opponent has hired an experienced attorney (qualified SEO) who knows required procedure (search engine guidelines) and the quirks of various judges (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc algorithms). If you represent yourself - you're screwed!

SEO for business brokers The load on the search engines now is unimaginable. Google, etc are now limiting you to the same options given a pro se litigant - Learn the mandatory procedures yourself, hire a professional to do it for you or get out of this court room!  The will to win is not enough, you have to know the game.

Reality Check
Considering that business brokering has become a web-based business, it is amazing how little resources most business brokers devote to their web sites. To think that you can throw a couple hundred bucks at a "ready-made" web site and compete online is not logical.

Competing, of course, means competing with other lean and hungry brokerages that devote whatever resources needed to beat you. Specialized SEO for business brokers is a must.

A quickie, template, or CMS site is " fool's gold"!

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Looking Successful VS: Being Successful
Many Realtors & Business Brokers (who rely on the web for business) wouldn't think twice about spending $60,000 on a new car to look successful.

On the flip side, the thought of investing more than $1000 on their brokerage website, to be successful, is hard sell. A business web site is a tax writeoff - a Lexus is not!

...........This strikes me as odd!

Accurate monitoring of your site and the web environment is the key to success

Read " Rich Dad, Poor Dad"..."The rich don’t accumulate cash. They accumulate assets that generate cash flow for them. If you are looking for financial freedom, then Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great place to start your learning process."

There are two main classifications of web sites:
  1. Sites that are designed to accept pre-generated, brand name, traffic - Chrysler, Motorola, Jessica Alba, etc
  2. If you're Elvis, you don't need SEO - they will find you wherever you are!
  3. Sites that are pre-designed to generate unbranded traffic
  4. These are "Magnet Sites" - designed to attract queries for your product category - businesses for sale, imported shoes, etc. Basically, the majority of all sites.

<<To succeed online you really need to understand how a web site works in a search...CLICK>>

It is basically a text document with color and images for decoration only. You can look great and fail miserably in a search. Your unique text structure transmits signals to the search engines. Just like in court, if you address the judge (web bot) properly, he will hear your case. If you are out of order he will dismiss your case before hearing your side of the story.

There are over 150 million web sites, having four to a thousand and four pages. The bots will not spend time (milliseconds) figuring out your method. Google has spent millions making their guidelines public - they expect compliance. It is all about making their job easier. Make it hard for them and they will pass you over for an easier target. SEO for business brokers is a must to successfully compete

Unlike some SEO's, we Optimize in two distinct phases that we call "Page Acceleration" and "Content Maximizing"

PAGE ACCELERTAION: This is mostly preparation for content optimization. It deals with making sure the page is not riddled with page errors and Google no-no's that inhibit your success in a search.

  • Checking for breaches of Google guidelines
  • Replacing font tags, etc with CSS styles in an off page file
  • Removing repetitive inline scripts to single, off-page files
  • Repairing, removing or adding missing or out of place layout tags
  • Removing old style codes, etc that were replaced but not removed
  • Deleting dead files from your server that get in the way of the indexing of current files.
  • Bottom Line: removing anything not needed to display the page. The less junk for Googlebot to wade through, the more of your page it will process.
You are allotted a set amount of time measured in milliseconds - if that time is spent on deciphering your corrupt code - Googlebot may never get to your content.

Content is everything in a search. Page Acceleration removes barriers between Googlebot and that content.

CONTENT MAXIMIZING:Once the page "vehicle" is fit to carry the content, true optimization begins. To a web bot, a web page is nothing but a text document - pictures mean nothing. So, to be competitive on the net, you need content that is unique (your own), and effective at naming your assets.

Whatever is not stated in live text characters, does not exist to the search engines. Content maximizing is the key to it all, making sure that your mission is stated in such quantities that a search engine will choose you over your competitors.

Content is where most Business Broker sites lose the fight.

Most broker sites use "About Us" copy (integrity, years of experience, etc.) for their home page, without any action language or direct product mention. Who searches "integrity" or "experience" when searching for a business?

Brochure copy is not web copy. It ranges from ineffective to worthless in a search. Brochures are static pieces of paper that are handed to, or sent to existing contacts. They are not intended to, or equipped to, broadcast your product information or act as introductory dialog.

There is no way to "optimize" irrelevant content. In a search, the right content is everything. Legitimate SEO for business brokers is not about "tuning up" dead content,it is about renewing content when necessary.

If your present site's textual dialog does not clearly speak of your mission, then organic optimization can only be achieved by content replacement.

There is an inherent risk in buying SEO from an unknown source!

When you hire an auto mechanic, electrician, doctor or any profession that requires knowledge beyond your grasp, you run the risk of some level of fraud - even doctors, even preachers. Like it or not we all need these people. If you are doing business on the web you need the machinery to compete, so, you need to become informed and deal with someone you trust. You selling on the web now - but you are also a consumer of web related services. It is vital to your survival to become an informed buyer and trust your wseb performance to a skilled expert that specializes in SEO for business brokers.

There is a tremendous amount of information on the net about SEO, or search engine optimization - most of it worthless. There are worthless claims of pushing you to the top overnight and others who claim all SEO is bull. The truth is, most outfits selling SEO do not understand it and the critics who say it is all bull understand it even less.

There is no 'SEO School' with accreditation. It is a cryptic skill in the sole domain of advanced web designers and copywriters. It is a content issue with the fundamental syntax of a word processor. Few site owners give it the attention it merits, and SEO for business brokers is a specialty few offer.

We are aware of both the need for this service and the rarity of competence in this field. Search Engine Upgrade is a rare commodity - we are both competent and honest.

You may ask yourself, "how can I compete, I'm just a small site?" The answer is - the smaller your site, the craftier you need to be. Huge sites with hundreds of thousands of words in content can get traffic just from the sheer volume of text pursuant to their subject.

If you have less content you need to be a far more "persuasive speaker". One thing, however, is absolute - a web page crafted by someone who produces what Google demands will do better in the searches than one designed by someone out of the loop.

How To Avoid SEO Scammers - a List

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First of all, legitimate Search Optimizers do not spam your contact forms or cold call you on the phone. Search Optimizers are advanced web designers with good copywriting skills, you will meet them through legitimate web service providers.

  • Ask to see pages he has built. If he can't design a basic web page - how can he make one better? Look for an author link, usually at the bottom of the page linking back to his web site. He doesn't have a web site? Stop right there and move on.
  • Don't use an SEO you find in the Pay Per Click section of a search result. Anybody can show up there if you throw enough money at it
  • Install the Google Tool Bar in your browser, if you don't already have it. This will allow you to check if he can really generate any page rank for you. - (click here to see what the tool looks like on your browser) - If his home page displays "Current Page Not Ranked By Google" - forget it. Most sites have some unranked pages, even most sub-pages on smaller sites. However, if his home page is a dud - the rest of the pages are likely duds as well, and he will do the same for you. Get it now
  • Use this free meta tag checker - it will expose a fraud immediately - Just input the URL to be checked and you will see how a bot sees the page. Input your own pages too - you may be shocked. Get it now
More people now use the search engines to find everything than ever before.

Even pizza can be located and ordered online without ever speaking to a live person. Search engines have replaced both the hard copy and online "Yellow Pages" for most people who own computers. Creating a web site that has power in this arena is a serious issue for a businesses.

Obtaining and maintaining competitive performance is an ongoing concern and should be done in stages, rather than as a blitzkrieg.

We want our clients not just to be online, but to succeed online.If you cannot clearly, and without thinking, visualize your online strategy - you don't have one. If you devote minimal resources to your web site, you will get minimal returns. This is true of anything. If you are ready to get serious about your internet presence, get in touch today!
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