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SEO for Business / Technical Web Design

SEO for Business BrokersSEO / Organic Optimization / Tampa Bay Web Design for business - We specialize in Business Sites With Organic Optimization & Search Marketing! Built Right - Initially! No Need For Costly, or Ineffective, Aftermarket SEO!

We also do SEO retrofits, and SEO upgrades
The Yellow Pages are Over With, and Search Engines are Your Gateway to Getting Business Leads on the Internet!

SEO Second Opinions

<<Find Out Now>> If You're Being Had - SEO Second Opinions are in demand here because there's tons of incompetence and outright SEO fraud. There is no such thing as an "Entry Level" SEO.

SEO / Organic Optimization

SEO is an advanced skill, and to achieve what is known as organic optimization, you must understand it all - all at once. You must do your internship as a web designer, and I don't mean just cranking out auto-build Wordpress sites. If you can't build a simple web site - you can't build an optimized one!! You must fully understand HTML and have marketing and writing skills.

If you feel uneasy about who's handling your web site <<click here>> for an SEO Checkup & Second Opinion - a small effort now could save you a ton of hard earned money later.
25 years on the net - I know my stuff.....Michael Walls!

We build online business solutions with carefully conceived web strategies!

You may be asking yourself - "Why has my web site suddenly dropped in page rank?"

If you are involved in any linking schemes or are using an online service to artificially increase traffic you could be penalized or delisted. If you get delisted your domain name has been effectively Chernobylized! Then again, it could be a simple mismatch between your server & Google setups. We can fix it!

SEO for Business  / Organic Optimization

Half of all web traffic is now accessed from mobile devices - but the majority of that traffic is social media, and not business!

Mobile internet traffic now equals PC's and overtakes tablets in some arenas, but not all. Find your usage demographic before jumping feet first into becoming too mobile specific! Many people have mobile phones but no computer - that does not bode well for serious business.

We can remedy that for you and make your site more search friendly at the same time! Tell me More>>

Real, Hand Coded, Search Friendly Web Sites and SEO for business Brokers a specialty! No Fake Wordpress, Drupal or any other Cheezy Website Emulator - We Build Performance Oriented Business Machines!

SEO / Organic Optimization

Google Constantly Changes It's Algorithms!

You can be penalized for using stolen or bulk content! Google made a serious change in algorithm and declared war on bulk, worthless content. If you bought a ready made web site with stock content, or are using database bulk generated content - be forewarned, you could run into Google penalties. Google is penalizing low quality sites and deceptive marketing!! Google now has 'boots on the ground' - real, live people reviewing sites randomly.

Skillful Copy Editing can get your copying penalties lifted!
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