Business Brokers: Marketing your business online requires different thinking than marketing with conventional media. You must competently address computers, as well as your visitors.

The days of building your own site are over, it would be like competing with formula one race cars in soap box derby car!

Business Brokers   Business Brokers: If your web site has not been upgraded in five years - you are surely experiencing difficulty competing now.

Effective Web Design for business brokers and SEO are not two separate things!

Since I started web design I have built sites for insurance groups, financial organizations and business brokers as well as fitness trainers, non-profit organizations, talent agencies and even psychics. However, over the years I have become specialized in web design for business brokers. I know the market!

Through these years I have developed the ability to see through the eyes of the business broker and know his needs. Add to that, learning industry terms and strategies and you have a web contractor that is not an outsider to your industry.

Web design for business brokers Search Engine Upgrade was designed to address the problem of web sites that have become outdated in either appearance, technical issues or both. The most serious of issues are the technical ones - they affect your business and bottom line. Since real estate and business brokerages have become almost entirely web based enterprises, failure to perform well in searches can be devastating — especially in the current bad economic times.

Let me explain: Microsoft Office was never designed to create web pages - it was designed for print output. It doesn't' matter how much code is generated because it disappears in print. However the huge amounts of style code it uses forces the web bots to dig through a veritable mountain of characters to glean a small amount of content. With the unbelievable growth of the internet, the work load on the search engines has become too much.

Google, Yahoo and all the rest are demanding that you assist them by trimming unnecessary code characters or they will pass you by. They won't allot you that extra time.

Typical Issues Hurting Business Brokers:

I specialize in web design for business brokers
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  • MLS listing displays that don't limit per-page listings can easily go over the 100 link maximum and be penalized in the search results.
  • Microsoft Word and Front Page edits, even to professionally created sites, can literally create a ratio twenty style characters for every one character of content. I see it every day.
  • These edits can also cause numerous page errors. Get enough of them and they will hurt your performance in the search engines all by themselves.
  • Outdated search code
  • Google has posted its guidelinse for compliance, and they have become more demanding because of the huge increase in web sites, worldwide.

    If you don't work with Google, Google won't work with you - it's that simple!
  • Affiliations to organizations with weak listing services
  • Some MLS services give your site incoming links and others host their listings on their own servers. You get no "link juice" from the latter category.

    Since business brokers won't link into other independent business brokers sites, your main source of LEGITIMATE inbound links is MLS!
    Business Brokers
    Eliminate "Industry-speak"!!
    "Listings" is not a search word! Most new business sales are to.....
    1. First Time Buyers
    2. And "New Americans"
    "Industry Speak" is useless to those outside your industry. Using industry terminology for keywords only draws visits from other business brokers - checking out the competition. Are you drawing hits but no bites? Worse yet, are you using "Industry Speak" in PPC campaigns? Ouch!

    It is not impossible that a Real Estate agent or Business Broker with only....

    1. A good haircut and one clean suit
    2. A decent car
    3. An impressive web site and a wireless laptop....

    ....could do a bang up business. Even if he still lives with his parents! Your web site is your office - and the cheapest office you'll ever have. It is your credibility - and it conveys your image to your client before he or she even meets you. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

    A holistic overhaul is the most cost effective method. It is actually less expensive than fixing what you have now. The added benefit of also upgrading your front end is, you would then also look more successful.

    Click this link to see what we can do to get you started on your come-back!
    ........Michael Walls
    business broker