Take look at the Yin and Yang of a web page Yin and Yang is widely known as the two opposite forces that combine to make a whole. A web site must have brains as well as beauty.

Most important is function - if you don't show up in searches, you won't be able to make your pitch. Once they find you, they must be impressed with what they see!

Let's take look at the Yin and Yang of a web page.

information A web page has two separate but equally important aspects:

  1. Aspect 1 - the visual design ( the No. 1 reason for car sales in America) - this is for user appeal and navigation (GUI - or Graphical User Interface). This affects your status to the user. If the design is shabby you will be perceived that way. The site visitor only knows you by what he sees.
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  2. Aspect 2 - the code beneath the page (the motor) - this is the functional part seen by search engines and the servers that display your pages and is instrumental in performance and page ranking. If it is broken it will affect your front end design as well.

    This part gets optimized for relevant content

information The three rules of search engine performance: relevant content, relevant content and relevant content.

The visual design has psychological impact and creates your image

Front end design The front end design is what the user interacts with. Like the body of a car - the body design and color, the steering wheel, the dashboard and the radio. This would correspond to navigation, links and other media like Flash, Videos and Scripted Content like Web 2.0 features.


"Under The Hood" - or the page code. What you don't see can hurt you!

Click View Source in your browser to see code This part can be compared to the motor. A web page is displayed by your browser reading the code below the page. Outdated page code is rampant on the net and is hurting millions of web sites still living in the 90's.


A Summary of the Above:

To be truly effective we need to reach a balance between the look and the function - text and graphics. A web site designed solely for search engines is an ugly duckling for the user.

A site that is designed solely for end user "appeal" is crippled in the search engines. Again we need to look east and find a Zen type of balance between interesting web design and search engine optimization.

information "92.6 percent said that they put most importance on visual factors when purchasing products."

A professional, well designed web site can set you apart and make an initial, good impression on your potential clients.

On the other hand, if your site is not mechanically competitive, they won't get a chance to see your site. Both look and performance have equal value - the balance between Yin & Yang.