Wordpress Designers & Tech Burnout The newer generation of wannabee web designers are surely overwhelmed with tech overload upon entry into this rapidly evolving present day internet market.

Just getting a beginner's grasp of the tech being used now is as taxing to the newcomer as learning how to build a web site used to be in '96'.

Solution for beginners: Become a Wordpress designer and skip learning HTML - BUT - HTML is what makes the web, the web!

The problem is, working only from the front end, "generating" sites from wizards, they can't optimize a page and can never know why something is not working right. They are always "outside the loop"!

SEO knowledge is only actionable if you have access to all the html code and know how to edit that code by hand.

Before Wordpress Designers and before Google!

In the beginning, a web site was a novelty and pretty one dimensional - just a front end, like a magazine page. When I started there was no search technology to learn, Google didn't exist yet. Even then there were programs to help you build a simple conventional page - not with a click, but it helped a designer construct a real web page.

These programs were accident prone and could create corrupt code if the syntax wasn't double checked by hand - and this was for simple, non data-driven web pages!
Designers were invading sacred tekkie space and got little respect from the geeks. From then on there was a competition for recognition between the graphics and content people and those who labored behind the scenes to create the framework for designs and commentary to exist.

As new concepts were invented the designers had to pick them up and become more tech savvy. In time, just being a designer was not enough to survive in this rapidly complicating business.

Web sites were evolving into mechanisms rather than just magazine pages - they now had to interact with search engine technology, as well as look good.
Wordpress Designers will never fully understand the mechanism that drives the web and are forced to rely on tools that claim to think and invent for them. "Build a web site without knowing anything about code! That is an insane claim and I call the people who rely on such hacks "faux designers". Wordpress Designers are merely selecting pre-designed themes and pasting in the client's text content - that's it!!
What is "the web"? Simpley stated, it is specifically the sector of the internet written in html code - one of many computer languages. , do you want someone totally unknowledgable of that language building your site?

Wordpress designers are just aggressively touting the advantages of the only web solution they have to sell - to people who don't understand the product at all!

It is not just the age old competition of man vs. machine

  • We all know that we won't pay more for a machine made chair than a hand made oneĀ  - if all we are interested in is sitting.
  • No one cares about "collector value" on the net - but Google does show extreme prejudice against pre-fab junk sites and copied and/or junk content.
  • It is purely a matter of -
    • the Wordpress method (blog tech) doesn't allow for each page to be individually tailored and unique
      • Google penalizes for pages that are not unique!
      • Content is stored in a database and loaded on demand
      • Search engines are designed to index page content in their databases - not cross reference other databases

Article by Michael Walls+