Know when the playing field has changed on you!
What would you give to get a detailed look in the back door of your three biggest competitor's web sites?
  • What is their (and your) Google Page Rank?
  • What is their (and your) Google Site Authority?
  • How many links do they and you have and where do they come from?
  • How many of their, and your, links are downplayed by Google for common IP addresses and/or "nofollows"
  • Locate and identify duplicate content, server errors, corrupted urls, and many other things can damage your performance and even cause Google penalties.
Your site, and your three biggest competitor's sites, - are analyzed for a side by side comparison. How do you stack up against your competition? What do you need to work on to beat them? OR - why you are beating them!

Know when you move up or down in rank with Google, Bing and Yahoo - accurate results that are hard to get with personalized browsing histories in your browsers.

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You get accurate reports of your status in Google Searches
Expose technical indexing problems that often go unnoticed for lack of thorough mechanical analysis!
It is very difficult to ascertain your true place in a Google search these days. If you are logged in to a Google account, your browsing history will affect search results.

Webmasters should know how to turn this feature off - but now, +1 clicks will give everyone different search results. We use a browser independent metric that will tell you where you stand in a search.

By this, I don't mean "Page Rank". A page with the right stuff and no rank can appear on page one. What I refer to here is, when you actually go up and when you actually go down in an organic search - your actual physical position in a Google search.

The Biggest Advantage - Weekly updates are automatically sent to you - but more importantly to me, alertng me of any technical issues or dangerous downturns.

Your site will be under my watchful eye!
It's like having a security alarm system in your (virtual) office!
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You Can't Compete Online Without Hard Data!

I have followed the search engine ranking game from the very start and it has become a very complex system. Each year new guidelines and metrics are added - just like a huge wedding cake, layer upon layer upon layer.
Technology never sleeps! And the speed of new developments increases exponentially. "Time is critical and clearly a competitive weapon". Nowadays if you're asleep at the wheel for six months, you will wake up buried without a headstone! It is a constant vigil to stay competitive.

Every time Google makes a change in algorithm, you could either shudder and wonder what will happen - OR - check hard data and see just exactly how it affected you and what, if any, modifications

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