Will my website work on a mobile device?

Half of all web traffic is now accessed from mobile devices and 1/4 of that traffic is viewed on Android powered phones!

Access to the web, on mobile devices and smart phones, is expected to overtake that of fixed connections - THIS YEAR!

That is an amazing statistic, and one every site owner needs to address. Business brokers, Real Estate Agents, Outside Sales Professionals and many other professions spend much of their work day outside the office.
With that in mind, it is easy to understand why professionals 'on the move' now prefer smart phones and other mobile devices, over toting a laptop around and hoping they end up in a WiFi hot spot.

NOTE: The statistic "50% of all web traffic now accessed on mobile devices - and is expected to overtake that of fixed connections" needs further examination for it's effect on your particular industry.

Much of the web traffic cited is non-business social use like Facebook Status Updates. For some amazing statistics on Facebook's massive presence and user demographics, follow this link - http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics
Cell phone technology leaps ahead - it's no longer necessary to build a special web site for mobile users, unless you have a complicated application like eCommerce, etc. The most economical approach, for most sites, is to have one site - engineered for display on all media.
It is only logical that smart phone developers realized they are not going to be able to mass market a mobile web device that only works on specially formatted media. In many cases, minor changes will make your site mobile friendly.

Android and iPhones now can run the Lunascape Browser, for convenient tabbed browsing like you are accustomed to on your PC.
Search Engine Upgrade now builds websites that look and function perfectly on modern mobile devices as well as PC's and Laptops!

Site Owners: Google Analytics can now tell you how many people are accessing your site on a mobile, what brand of mobile they are using, who manufactured it and what your site looks lik on it....pretty amazing!
New features arriving in June
Some Issues We Address for web mobile -
Fly-Out Menus Need to be Tailored for mobile Display - a Mobile Phone Has No Mouse!
Two and three tier fly-out menus may look cool, but they not work right on mobile device. Since mobile phones do not use a mouse - an event based on a mouse hovering over a link - just doesn't happen!

Sometimes, whatever is supposed to "fly out" may get hidden and that part of your site is unavailable.

Note also, the iPad and new Windows Tablets are all touch screen and will not respond to many mouse related commands either.

On the topic of mouseless mobiles - take a peek into the future of Smartphones & docking stations - follow this link!
Flash doesn't work on some mobile devices!
Apple's Steve Jobs says -
"Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice. Flash doesn't perform well on mobile devices, it drains the battery and it's not optimized for touch interfaces".
Our advice - avoid Flash, unless it is really necessary. Don't waste your money on Flash intros that no one watches.

Ask yourself - is a gratuitous Flash intro even appreciated by a business user? Answer: Why do do you think they all have "Skip Intro" buttons?

Click here to see animations that don't use Flash. They work on ALL web devices, all browsers and are not suppressed by Firefox (on a PC).
Tiny Font Sizes Are Too Hard To Read On A Mobile Phone!
Lots Of Websites Use Tiny Font Sizes, we use a 14 point Arial or Verdana font as the default font for all pages. It is easily read on a mobile, as well as on a PC.

There is no good reason to have the text size be so tiny - mobile or anywhere.
Simple Tech Works Better On A Mobile Phone, And Faster Too!
The fastest broadband mobile is reminiscent of early 90's dialup service! Sites that take too long to load on mobiles may get the axe!. What works better on mobiles works super on a PC or laptop.

We always use the LEAST technology needed to get results here - mobile or not. Complex technology is not only too slow, it breaks down on mobiles. Google is demanding faster load times for all sites and we are delivering!
Standards Compliant CSS Layout And Uncorrupt Code A Must
CSS Layout is more search friendly and gives a mobile device less to handle. Clean, error free code displays everywhere perfectly - especially critical on mobiles.

Most conventional browsers can compensate for technical errors and display a badly corrupt page. The more simplistic browsers in mobile phones can not. If the page is not put together right, it will fall apart on a mobile, or "smartphone" .
You would be well advised to check out your website on various smart phones, especially Droids & iPhones. We can make your site perform on mobiles, PC's and Laptops without a hitch!