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Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has many experts thinking more severe hurricanes are to be expected in the future, and the causes vary from one source to the next. As Al Gore made a new career of global warming, some others have proven it's global cooling that's on the horizon. Though a responsible answer isn't possible here - let's say that global climate change is a fact, not a factor. It will happen, with or without humans, over and over, until the planet is burned up by our dying sun billions of years from now.

  Don't buy into either "global warming" argument until you know

Given the right budget, I could assemble a team of "respectable" researchers that could prove that elephants can not only "trumpet", but are capable of learning to play A trumpet - if tutored by someone like Herb Alpert or Miles Davis. Their best weapon? How much it will cost you to dis-prove it!

Trees! Not to sound like a "tree hugger" but - they absorb heat and turn CO2 into oxygen. And thats just for starters. There are many reasons for the historical deforestation of Europe. Construction, agriculture and fuel for heat are high on the list. However, before the discovery of the new world, Europeans jump started the deforestation of their continent to build warships, defensive castles, bows and arrows in such quantity that the yew tree was almost rendered extinct just for the bows alone. When they migrated to America, they began a furious deforestation here as well, also shipping most of the lumber to the now lumber starved Europe.

In the preaent day the people of Brazil are burning down the rain forests (literally the lungs of the world) with amazing speed to plant failing crops. We are simultaneously pumping huge, unnatural volumes of CO2 into the air and diminishing the planet's ability to recycle it back into oxygen. Is there intelligent life here?

One fact is undisputed — we are overtaxing Earth's ability to sustain life. Consume less, waste less and respect your home - Planet Earth.

Pictures of Hurricane Katrina & Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina - Amazing Photographs. Mother Nature can be very sexy when she's angry!