If you don't see these in your search results pages - you're an outsider!

Google offers tangible parks for developers and site owners who help build their new social network with a novel, populist type of "page rank".

How is Page Rank Earned? & The Evolution of Popularity

How is Page Rank Earned? " The Evolution of Popularity In the old days page rank was an elitist thing, mainly based on incoming links - a link = a "vote". BUT - not all "votes" were equal - some had more status!

Remember High School?

One date with the prom queen carried more status than ten dates with "mere mortal" girls!

Meanwhile, if a thousand people online loved your site, they couldn't give you a nod of approval! No site, no way to give you a link = no "vote"!

FYI: The term "Page Rank" is not really derived from "web page" - it comes from Larry Page, co-founder of Google.
UPDATE: Since Larry Page patented "page rank" in 1998, Google has changed it's algorithm to include social media in determining page ranking. Retweets, "Like Button" clicks, +1 clicks, etc. are now factored in for overall page/site competitiveness. Nothing is static on the web! You must participate in the game to compete now.

Web site owners
: A G+ profile and Google PlusOne code on your web site is the most effective use of your resources if you don't have someone to handle your social promo.
Real World Analogy:
On the internet, in the past, only "property" owners (Web sites & Blogs) got a chance to vote for the Mayor.

Now, With Social Media "LIke" & +1, etc, Buttons:
Website Owners = House Of Lords
All Web Surfers = House Of Commons
If you take one step ahead, and so does everyone else - your effort may gain you no more than the preservation of your status quo.

What is guaranteed?
You are now, not one step behind the rest!

With the rise of social media, where the populace has gained a say in page ranking, by participating, site owners will now have to get involved to compete. If you don't have a "ballot box" on your site - you may lose the election!

Ya' Gotta' Play To Win: If you have a bricks and mortar office, you have to mop and vacuum, paint and clean the carpets regularly. Same with the web site. If neglected, it deteriorates.

No one competing with you will create a link to you!!

So how did you get these magical "votes"? If only people with web sites get to vote, and nobody selling what you sell will link to you, people with web sites came up with link exchanges. You link to me and I'll link to you. Worthless "links pages" appeared, loaded with links to sites having nothing in common with your site.

Enter the " Links Page"

A links page was where all the misguided site owners stuck scads of unrelated reciprocal links on one page - "Our Partners", or whatever. Main problem: Links to doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs coming from, and to, your arts and crafts site - not relevant! Google soon discounted these and downgraded you. Nobody in their right mind would have a links page anymore.

Next Came Google Places Reviews

- A place where anyone can tell the world how great you are, OR - if you piss them off - can write twelve scathing reviews about what a lousy business you have. This was only of value (or danger) to local business. "Outsource India" can load you up with rave reviews for cheap.

And, In This Corner - Google+1

Leave it up to Google to enter the ring as a heavyweight.

Google+1 buttons
- if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything! No reviews, no star ratings, etc. If you like a page, you plus it. If you don't - you don't plus it.

Site Owners - Get In On +1 Or get Buried!

If you don't have a Google+1 profile you can't see that all your competitors have already retrofitted their sites with +1 code. it is literally an invisible army amassing all around you. When you finally do wise up and get a profile, you will be stunned at how alone you are in the SERPS!

It's easy to get a profile - Just go to google.com, login to your Google account - and in the upper left you will see your login name with a + sign. Click there and Google will guide you through.

Google Offers "Rich Snippets" For Your +1 Page Code

It's not important that you understand what rich snippets are, or how they work - it is important to know that we web developers do understand it.

That is how Google motivated us to spread the +1 network. Suffice it to say, they will give you an edge over sites that do not have them.

Google's Rich Snippets allow your designer to format reviews with visual images, classify your site as a business, include contact info, videos and product information in your search results. Google can grab information from your meta data, on page text and YouTube videos, associated with your account.

This is what makes videos, ratings and other data show alongside some search results.