OnlinedesignFLA specializes in eye catching designs with fast load times and strict adherence to Google Design Standards. Search Engine Optimization will increase traffic - a great looking web site will keep their attention once they get there. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

design and style Great design and style can sell anything. Let's analogize web sites to cars for a moment. When I ask people what is the greatest concern of auto makers today I get the wrong answer 100% of the time.

Although fuel efficiency is crucial - no one will buy a car if it's ugly. Automakers will include any motor you want, if you will buy the car — So their biggest concern is still design. Successful people like to look successful. Successful businesses need to look successful.

Image is everything   Image is everything - Click here to see what I mean! 

What is involved in a design makeover?

An upgrade for your images and your image
Since cutting the file size of existing images on your site is done in the SEO process (if necessary) let's cut straight to the chase.

The only thing your online clients/customers know about you is what they see.. Lets go to cars again - if you have a shiny new Mercedes you look successful, even if it won't go over sixty! If you drive a beat up old flivver with faded paint, you might be rich but now you'll have to prove it. Your successful image is nearly all in the look of your web site.
What are your options for improving your online image?
Your options are limitless, but here's a few -
  • A Simple, Recognizable Logo - suitable for a web site
  • A new Color Scheme
  • A New Navigation Scheme
    • It will not only upgrade your look it can make a visit to your site more fruitful to the visitor by making it easier to find whet he wants in less time.
    • An All-Text Navigation Set, like the one here contains linked keyword text that adds to your performance in search engines. There are no graphic images in this navigation system - it is all done with code.
  • A New "Body"
    • Most of your content is in a specific area. One copy of a page design can be made to your specs and copies made for all your pages. Your existing content is dropped into the new containers.

      You then have a completely new site for a fraction of the money you invested in the original.
      EXAMPLE: American Business Brokers
    • About Us - old
    • About Us - New
Easily navigable text blocs - Like the one you are using now
As you see here you can easily find what topic you want to explore without combing through a jungle of text. This is especially useful for home pages where you want a good quantity of searchable, keyword dense, text without looking like a research site. It is very useful for keeping mountains of text tucked out of the way until someone clicks on a key topic.

Call for a free consultation - there too many possibilities to mention here.

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