Google, Yahoo!, BingGoogle, Yahoo, Bing and all the rest have their own priorities in conducting a search.

Keeping up with them all can Make you nuts!

Google is the best, but don't forget the rest!

Since the only thing of value to a web bot is live text characters,

clients are needed to provide volumes of text copy about their business. The issue of keywords and search engines now be the big buzz here. All search engines go about their job of searching text in their own way and all are valuable tools.

Many site owners and their web contractors
are of the absurd assumption that since Google is on top you can forget about anything Google doesn't prioritize. That is absolutely wrong. Poor performance in Yahoo and Bing will reflect as poor performance in Google as well.

My goal here is to draw your attention to something you may have overlooked - you need Yahoo and Bing.

Yahoo and Bing Are Important Search Engines

........Forget about them and suffer the consequences!

Yahoo Search Engine The first major search engine was Yahoo!

Although the first search devise I ever used was Mosaic, the first major search devise was Yahoo: Mosaic renamed, with Marc Andreesen on board. Why do I say "search devise" instead of "search engine"?

Yahoo didn't start out a "Search Engine" as we know it now - it was a directory.

Like an online Yellow Pages - just for web sites. Back then I used to call Yahoo up and phone in new web sites - ain't lyin! Also, web users back then had to pay $89.95 for Netscape Navigator - it was the only game in town.

For those of you who take Yahoo lightly, "the global network of Yahoo! websites receives 3.4 billion page views per day on average as of October 2007. It is the second most visited website in the world in May 2009"
  • Yahoo Mail is the largest e-mail service in the world
  • Yahoo Mail Service now offers unlimited disk space
  • Each time Yahoo Mail users access their eMail - the Yahoo search engine is likewise there at the ready!
So - What Do We Do Different For Yahoo?
Click the headings below to reveal details
Yahoo Actually Reads the Keywords in Your Metafiles!
They have refined the process to thwart keyword spamming. You are limited to a smaller number (I use no more than 25) and they must also occur in the visible text to be of any use.

Keywords in metafiles are not separate entities anymore. When you write or otherwise obtain your site copy, you are picking your keywords. The metafile keywords are just snippets from the page itself.

Unlike Google, who threw out the baby with the bath water, Yahoo refined keyword metafiles - streamlining their workload.

For a more in-depth explanation of how they work, on and in the page, see the KEYWORDS page.

This is likely the biggest single difference from Google, and the one people screw up the most.
The Page Title is Super Important to Yahoo
In fact, the page title is the most important object on your page for Yahoo. It is also the headline for a Yahoo SERP. If you, or your webmaster is not savvy enough to include keywords here - forget about Yahoo. Limit your characters to about 80 - or the rest will be cut off.

This could, in some cases, render the first part nonsensical, as it is half a sentence. Also, if your title is too long Yahoo may just grab something else from your page copy - especially if the title is not relevant to page copy.
Yahoo Likes Keywords In the Domain Name
This is not such a radical idea. If you wanted to find Barbie Dolls, what more logical place than barbie.com? Do I hear a Duh?

I love a fresh start. There is not much you can do for a bad domain name - that is also a poor performer year after year. SEO here is like performing a liver transplant on a lifetime alcoholic. New domain, new ISP - new start. It is my belief that keywords in the domain name will help you anywhere, especially on Yahoo.
Keywords in the Description?
Keywords anywhere help - but - the meta description is meant to describe your page! On the other hand, how could you go on about tigers without the word tiger in the title? Only Bob Dylan would do something like that.

Think of the title as a headline on the front page of a newspaper and the description as the paragraph below it.

Although you aren't afforded a full paragraph in the metafile, it serves the same purpose - to generate interest in reading the rest of the story. If you go beyond the character limit you are cut off.

The recommended character limit is about 250, including spaces. You can use the MS Word "Word Count Tool". If you do not include a description in your meta section Yahoo, and the others, will grab random copy from your page.
What About Links and "Page Rank" In Yahoo?
All search engines have some kind of ranking system, Yahoo ranks mainly according to relevancy to the topic. However, it is believed by many that your Google Page Rank also has influence on your ranking with Yahoo.

Google does provide secondary page results for Yahoo. And though not officially published, parts of Google's algorithm are likely utilized to rank Web Sites indexed in Yahoo. And some of us know that a vote from Ziff Davis is worth 100 from Suzy's Dog site.

Here is Yahoo's official statement -
"Yahoo! Search ranks results according to their relevance to a particular query by analyzing the web page text, title, and description as well as its source, associated links, and other unique document characteristics. Please understand that web result rankings are by no means static, and are always subject to change."
In the world of search optimization you must rely more on what you see than what your hear. However, if you hear the same thing over and over from credible sources - watch it, then decide for yourself.

By it's very nature, a network joins all participants together. You can't be a complete renegade and still be in the network. They all need alliances somewhere - even if only on the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" basis. All search engines are involved with each other in some way.
Put Your meta Together correctly From The Git-Go
Get it right before you submit to Yahoo, as they are very slow to re-index pages. It could take many months to un-do a dumb mistake in spelling or a thoughtless description that you now hate. That is just the way Yahoo works. Remember, they started out as a directory, submitting each site by hand.
Link Associations Can Generate Unexpected Yahoo SERPS
In the example here, I built a site for a Tampa talent agency and linked to my site with my " maker's marks ". I in turn have links to them in my clients list. They (the Booking Agency) show up, in this example, in a search for internet services - not once but twice.

Click here to see the actual results page screen shot.
They are both associated by CATEGORY - Tampa. Yahoo added a “near you” local feature. Stay alert, and and take note of unpredictable results.
Google, Yahoo!, Bing

Bing Search Engine Bing Is Not Really A New Search Engine

Many of you know that Bing is next generation MSN Live Search. It is powered by Yahoo technology. Whether you hear it's Inktomi or Yahoo, Yahoo owns Inktomi. This means many similarities to Yahoo's algorithm.

Here's something to ponder -

"Apple is considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on the iPhone." Check it out! If projections are right, and in the years ahead, more people access the internet via mobile devices, than by PCs - this is absolutely profound!! Couple that with -
  1. Microsoft outing their new " smart mobile phones" with the Windows trademark, and running on Windows Mobile 6.5: BING-Go!
  2. Windows 7 standard on all new PCs - Bing enabled.
  3. Bing Cash Rewards - You can't argue with money
Never bet against the world's second richest man! Bill Gates wants back on top!
So - What Do We Do Different For Bing?
Optimize for Yahoo - there's no way to address the other differences.
Click the headings below to reveal details
Bing Claims To Put No Value At All On "Page Rank"
Yahoo makes no such claim, so this is a fairly big difference between Bing and Yahoo.

Although Bing has no ranking system based on quality and quantity of links (like Google) all search engines place value on links. The value to Bing would be in relevancy of anchor text.

So links do matter - just differently. Forget link exchange plans for Bing. In fact if you're dumb enough to have a "links page" on your site you deserve what you get with any search engine.
Bing Web Bots Read Keywords In Your Metafiles - Just Like Yahoo
See " Yahoo Actually Reads the Keywords in Your Metafiles!" above.
Bing Prioritizes Keywords In The Page Title - Just Like Yahoo
As stated for Yahoo, your page title is paramount. It describes your page, and keywords here carry big value. Relevance to page content is crucial.
Bing Will Focus On Commerce And Facilitating Consumer Purchase Decisions
One maddening thing we all experience in Google can be summed in two words - Nextag and Bizrate! Enter a specific model of any product and they will grab your keywords, come up number one and proceed to lead you through a maze of member vendors.

You will usually find something vaguely similar or something not even similar - after about five clicks. I personally hate that - I hate Nextag and Bizrate! They are doing to online shopping what spam did to email. They aren't the only ones but they stick in my craw as the worst.

Bing's goal - "Reducing the number of wasted clicks (which currently account for 24 percent of clicks)"

Bing will focus on four key areas -
  1. Making a purchase decision
  2. Planning a trip (watch out Travelocity!)
  3. Researching a health condition
  4. Finding a local business
Bing "Cashback." - Frequent Surfer Miles?
Here is something that makes Bing unique from both Yahoo and Google. Best stated in Bing's own words -
"The search advertising fees from participating stores are passed on to you. After we wait for potential returns and exchanges, your savings will be rewarded to you by your choice of a deposit to your PayPal account, direct deposit to your bank account, or a check in the mail."
Bing Is More Concerned With "Well Established" sites than Daily Content Updates.
With shit sites outnumbering quality sites 10,000 to one it might be refreshing that Bing will weed out stupid blogs and amateur sites that are devoid of anything resembling quality content. On the downside, it favors the big boys. A relief to web users but a threat to new and smaller enterprises.

And now for the biggie! Announcing the Yahoo / Microsoft Search Alliance!!

Ross Sandler, Analyst, RBC Capital Markets - "Overall, it's a big positive for two companies that have been struggling to keep up with Google. This consolidates their resources and allows them to make a more concerted push as the No. 2 entity." ( Reuters; July 29, 2009)

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
In reality Yahoo and MSN have never been enemies - they have been forging strategic alliances for years. However, were they ever even hypothetically competitors - they are now a combined force to be reckoned with!

Welcome to the search engine arms race!

forward thinkers
Working in the web industry is a lot like shooting clay pigeons. If you aim AT the "bird" you will miss it. You must aim where it will be to hit it.

Likewise, if you are too busy learning today's technology today, you will be a day behind the forward thinkers the following morning!

Article by....Michael Walls

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