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SEO / Organic Optimization Custom, High Performance Web Sites In Classic ASP Format

SEO Second Opinions


Find Out Now If You're Being Had - SEO Second Opinions are in demand here because there's tons of incompetence and outright SEO fraud. There is no such thing as an "Entry Level" SEO.

SEO / Organic Optimization is an advanced skill and to perform especially,organic optimization, you must understand it all - all at once. You must do your internship as a web designer, and I don't mean just cranking out auto-build Wordpress sites. If you can't build a simple web site - you can't build an optimized one!! You must fully understand HTML and have marketing and writing skills.

If you feel uneasy about who's handling your web site click here for an SEO Checkup & Second Opinion - a small amount now could save you lots later.

Two decades on the net - I know my stuff.....Michael Walls!

SEO / Organic Optimization

Google Has Recently Changed It's Algorithm 4+ Times

New rank penalties for using duplicate or bulk content!
Google makes a serious change in algorithm and declares war on bulk, worthless content. If you bought a ready made web site with stock content, or are using database bulk generated content you are forewarned, you will soon be out of the picture. Google is penalizing low quality sites and deceptive marketing!!

Skillful Copy Editing can get your copying penalties lifted!

Tampa Bay web design with SEO / Organic Optimization - We build online business solutions with carefully conceived web strategies!

You may be asking yourself - "Why has my web site suddenly dropped in page rank?"

If you are involved in any linking schemes or are using an online service to artificially increase traffic you could be penalized or delisted. If you get delisted your domain name has been effectively Chernobylized! Then again, it could be a simple mismatch between your server & Google setups. We can fix it!

Half of all web traffic is now accessed from mobile devices - but the majority of that is social media, and not business

Mobile internet now overtakes PC's and tablets in some arenas, but not all. Find your usage demographic before jumping feet first into mobile specific design!
Many commonly used site navigation methods do not work on mobile platforms. If this is your case, parts of your site will be unavailable to your visitors! We can remedy that for you and make your site more search friendly at the same time! Tell me More>>
SEO / Organic Optimization




Real, Hand Coded, Search Friendly Web Sites Only! No Fake Wordpress, Drupal or any other Cheezy Website Emulator - We Build Performance Oriented Business Machines!

SEO Second Opinion Websites In a Can?

Many so called web designers now resort to blog technology like Wordpress to build commercial web sites. The only thing that differentiates them from blogs is, only the designer can post content. No visitor input - no so called "Web 2.0"!

You might not be able to tell the difference - but the search engines can. You may have a Wordpress site right now and not even know it! Wordpress is very a very powerful entity now and floods the net with positive press about it's system. The truth? It can't compete with the real thing!

What Is "Organic" Optimization?

Organic Search optimization is designed to make you perform better in the non-paid section of search results pages (SERPs). It is a specialty here! You can make any site show up if you outbid everyone else in Google's AdWords - that's not optimization.

The strategy here is to not need Pay Per Click. In some highly oversaturated search categories, PPC may be necessary, especially with a brand new site. Organic Search Optimization aids in Pay Per Click ranking.

Keywords - Organic OptimizationSEO Organic Optimization is an arena for skilled writers & designers - not crafty programmers! Algorithms are reverse engineering - they are complex programs that are designed to think in the English language. Punctuation, bolding, italicizing, capitalization and headline tagging are all used to create an information hierarchy - aimed directly at the web bots.

Slick design & programmer tricks to artificially increase traffic or page rank are always under the watchful eye of search engineeers - they leave "fingerprints" that are a snap to track down.

Readable content in live text characters, is the onlycommodity considered by Googlebot and the other crawlers for search engine results pages.
You Have To Play To Win! And you have to keep playing to keep winning!
Businesses that believe you can build a web site and then forget about it for five years need to take some time to learn about this web media they are depending so heavily on. If you rely on "set it & forget it" - may as well forget it!

Google Has Declared War on Spam!!

"As the Internet and associated technologies mature, search engine algorithms have become much more complex."

In addition to that: Google, Yahoo and the rest are looking for shorthand. If your site is loaded with outdated and corrupt code — [ takes much longer to parse]  — time's up, see ya' later alligator! What worked five years ago will get you no results now in Google, Yahoo and Bing - and all the rest, who get their listings from those three.

Get rid of those ugly 3D nav buttons and tacky animations while you're at it. We can upgrade your whole site at once.

No SEO "BS"Get a no BS search evaluation and Search Engine Upgrade will tell you how you can get results in Google, Yahoo and others!

Save money by getting design issues addressed while your search code is being upgraded!

Google Data Center - Click for larger image Google and Yahoo search engines have upgraded - have you?
With the unbelievable growth of the web, the search engines have had to upgrade their algorithms to handle the increasing load. These upgrades on their side require upgrades on your side or you will slide back in page rank.


What is different about us?

Click the headings below to reveal details
Why is Search Engine Upgrade so unique?
There are outfits that do web design - there are outfits that do SEO. We happen to be one of the few that knows the truth - SEO is just advanced web design with emphasis on textual entries. Tampa SEO - Web Design with Organic Optimization built in!

If you can't create a page at all, how can you create an optimum page?

Before taking any action, we construct a panoramic view of your whole design project - hooves to horns. My name is Michael Walls and I have been building web sites for twenty+ years. SEO is not something an outsider can do - it is a macro view of every character of text and code, and the effect of each and every one upon the others.

I have seen every phase of the growth of the web and web design - I see the same games being played over again with every flock of newcomers. I don't play games, I get the job done - and I know the web game well.

Search Engine Optimization is a juggling act, adding, subtracting and blending a large numbers of factors to maximize your site's "search friendliness".
Tampa Bay Web Design Outfit with Organic Optimization
A Tampa Bay Web Design group that builds in Organic Optimization. Build the page right the first time. Don't make SEO a costly
If your web site code has not been upgraded for a couple of years or more - it needs immediate attention to increase traffic.
In the old days web designers could just think up 300 words that were vaguely relevant and stick the same ones on every page. They could put the name of the web site in the title bar of every page - same with page descriptions - if they even created page descriptions. Those days are way over.

A couple years ago the "hip" designers starting leaving out page descriptions and keyword meta files on purpose. They heard search engines didn't use them anymore - they were wrong.

Yahoo and others still uses them, but in a streamlined new way. If you think you don't need Yahoo you are misinformed. Yahoo powers more search engines than any anyone - period. Yes, Google has the lion's share but poor performance in all the others will hurt your Google Rank. With Google - less traffic, less rank.
Google algorithms have changed!! What the hell are algorithms?
Algorithms are the software "recipes" search engines use for reading keywords, page titles, page descriptions, judging relevancy of text content, and most of all - assigning rank.

Algorithms are unbelievably complex rules of engagement - like the master plan for D-Day, with multiple contingencies. They are able to collate a number of criteria and make make almost human adjudication. One big difference - they are without the compassion of a human judge to evaluate extenuating circumstances. If you look guilty - you're guilty - even if your designer is responsible!

AN FYI: Google went public with their "secret recipe" when they applied for a patent. That's when the optimization business began booming - web designers finally knew what they were dealing with.

The algorithms have changed again recently and many site owners are reporting falling rank. It is time re-evaluate your strategy again. One hint - beware of linking schemes!

Google and Yahoo evaluate web sites differently and you need both to succeed.
A few words about page rank.
Although this term is flung about like a Frisbee, don't get consumed with it. A site can perform badly with good rank and great with no rank. If your site has unique content, you have a greater chance of being seen. If you are one of millions of copy cats you will have to fight for a spot. Although good design is needed to impress your visitors, visual design means nothing to bots.

It is the text content (not design) that gets you viewed. Page rank is most valuable in Pay Per Click campaigns. If your page contains the "magic words" somebody is searching, it will show up. If not all the rank in the world won't get you anywhere. You have to have something people want!
So why use Search Engine Upgrade?
First of all this outfit is honest. Secondly - SEO is not all we do. We're not surviving off just SEO - SEO is part of our design process. In fact we don't just do SEO - we practice holistic Medicine for your web site. In the Tampa Bay Web Design market - we stand tall!

Our purpose is not just to get you back in the Search Engine Results Pages, but looking good with great design too - and at the same time. Image is everything on the internet - all they know of you is what they see on their computer monitor. There are lots of players in the Tampa Bay Web Design market - most don't do SEO effectively.

Think of how much money you could save if you could got a face lift and your appendix removed during the same operating room booking. Get the analogy?
page title

Image is everything on the net - how's your site looking?

"92.6 percent said that they put most importance on visual factors when purchasing products."

If you do business online the only thing prospective new clients know about you is what they see on their screen. Your web site is your office, and your home page is your reception area!

It is the cheapest "office" you will ever have. Is it designed as nice as your competitor's? You only get one chance at a first impression.

Outdated visual design can damage your image and make you look less successful than you really are. Good visual design can make you look more successful than you really are!

Save money - get a "design makeover" while we have your pages open for SEO. Tampa SEO / Michael Walls


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